Hattrick Broadcasting Bot: An eggdrop module to display Hattrick matches in IRC channels



changelog: 0.4 - Thebe

  • compression support to save bandwidth
  • added a version trigger
  • removed (broken) UTF8 converter, please use a client that understands UTF8
  • added options to only show goal events, not show the lineup and not show any initial events
  • support for multiple cookies
  • again many smaller fixes

changelog: 0.3a - Amalthea

  • Now using a server recommended by hattrick on first connect instead of always the same poor hardcoded server

changelog: 0.3 - Amalthea

  • fixed bug that could cause the matchlist to be lost
  • ticker now just prints one error message when server returns garbage (if it's too busy, for example) instead of several for every match
  • added option to automatically check for new versions
  • added format tokens for colored, underlined and inverted text
  • again fixed memleaks and other minor bugs

changelog: 0.2 - Adrastea

  • some code cleanup, if you think you still found a memleak please let us know
  • update scores when adding match, feature request #1318298
  • addmatch should not crash anymore when server sends garbage (like when you try to add more than ten matches)
  • error messages now contain function names and line numbers
  • now all text sent to the channel goes through the utf8 converter, not just the eventtext
  • better cookie handling, now lets hope they abandon IIS
  • better config file handling: missing tags are now automatically inserted into htb2.conf.
    this will mainly be useful if/when the format changes again in the future. also it does not crash anymore when reading empty tags.
  • added trigger to check for new version (hopefully it will be useful from time to time)
  • auto-readd matches on connection error

changelog: 0.1 - Metis

  • v0.1 is our first release, so nothing/everything has changed.